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League tennis administration with an emphasis on ease of use. Providing tools for League Administrators, Team Captains and Players.

In 1993 I joined our local community club and started playing tennis. I soon became more involved in tennis and in the parish wide league in which we participate. As internet access became more accessible a league website was developed providing schedules, results, and standings.

By 1999 the benefits of having a league website was clear. But getting match results was still a matter of the scorekeeper checking the mail-box and typing scores into a spreadsheet. This league has a membership of 900 players. It has 35 teams playing a total of 465 matches per year or 1860 courts per year. Quite a job!

The JCCA Scoreboard, first used during the 1999 season, was a pc application which was easy to use and rich with features. It enforced the leagues scoring rules and policies. Captains would use the JCCA Scoreboard to enter match results. The JCCA Scoreboard would store match results on a database on the internet.

By 2002 all aspects of the JCCA scoring system had evolved to the point where content was dynamically generated, except the JCCA Scoreboard, which was still a PC application.

When the JCCA Scoreboard was created in 1998-1999 it was not possible to deliver the required features in a web application. At the time I believed that the tools and technology would eventually be available to convert the functionality to something web-based.

In 2003 went on-line with a web-based scoring system which can accommodate any league configuration. is totally functional. Tools and additional services are still being developed.

In 2004 began providing services to NOLTA (New Orleans League Tennis Association).

How about 2007. How big is Houston? I am contemplating the creation of a new league in Houston. If you are a Tennis Professional based in Houston and have an interest in the formation of a new league you can contact me. Use the link below.

Barry Breaux